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Naturopathy (Nutrition & Herbal Medicine), Massage and Bush Flower Essence Therapy in Launceston, Tasmania.

naturelab42˚ (Amalia Patourakis) practices in Launceston, in northern Tasmania.

Appointments for Ka Huna Massage and Flower Essence Treatments can be booked by calling or liaising via email.  Not taking on new clients for Naturopathic consultations at present.

Amalia Patourakis: 0434 297 999


About the consultations

Ka Huna Massage

Ka Huna originates from the Hawaiian islands and is a transformational type of massage.  This beautiful bodywork provides a platform for physical, emotional and spiritual healing by way of the context in which the Ka Huna massage is given (and received).  I continue to train at Mette’s Institute in Queensland which is an incredible place to continue to deepen my skills and courage as a bodyworker.

I incorporate plant medicine into my Ka Huna treatments where relevant by crafting unique herbal medicine massage oil blends to further support your individual healing journey.  This is an exquisite way to continue or begin your re-connection back to nature which I believe is inherent to our deeper wellbeing.

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Flower Essence Therapy & Ka Huna Massage

Flower Essence Therapy is an ancient healing modality which has its earliest roots tracing back to the Nyoongah Aboriginal people in the West of Australia, as well as a deep history in South East Asian Buddhist traditions.  It is a type of plant medicine that tends to and creates potent transformation in parts of the human spirit that many other types of medicine are not able to achieve.  I will take you through a Flower Affinity process to find the essences for your individual needs and make up a Dose Bottle for you to take internally.

This is a very special way to tend to major life transitions or to try to understand the root of particular behaviour or patterns in our life.  The essences have a way of peeling back layers of our spirit or psyche so that if you commit to the process – you will slowly move deeper into your subconscious to allow understanding of the self and new states of equilibrium to be reached.  A powerful tool for our unique evolution as humans.

This treatment begins with the Flower Affinity process to find the essences to best support your journey followed by a Ka Huna massage incorporating the Flower Essences and other plant medicine into the bodywork oil.

This is a potent way to integrate plant essences into your physical being and especially recommended for people working through transition, change or wanting tools to support integration of life lessons into their new state of being.


Amalia Patourakis (BHSc Naturopathy) NHAA member: 155443  m:0434 297 999