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Portrait by Mel de Ruyter Photography

My name is Amalia Patourakis.  I am, among many things a naturopath, ka huna bodyworker, disability support worker, facilitator, dancer, writer, musician, gardener, wanderer.

I am currently redefining the way I work within the healing arts and am not seeing individual clients as of July 2018.  Please sign up for my email list (bottom of page) should you wish to stay in touch for when I return to practice or email/call with any enquiries. 

naturelab42˚ is the platform I’ve created to give, receive and explore the vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature.  It is an exploration of how we, as humans, can create individual and social change by taking responsibility and caring for ourselves which has far reaching effects on our environment and greater community.

My box of tools includes herbal medicine, nutrition, food as medicine, flower essences, bodywork and conversation as ways to inspire deeper understanding and embodiment of yourself.  I make all my own herbal extracts using locally grown, wild harvested and globally grown plants, certified organic where possible.  This provides me with a beautiful connection to the medicines I prescribe internally and also use within my Ka Huna bodywork.

I have a particular interest in supporting people through transitions in life – whether that be supporting the nervous system through times of challenge or adjustment, helping you to find a state of equilibrium following physical, internal or emotional upheaval or change.  In our current culture, it seems many people are requiring nervous system support and rejuvenation which is a part of the human body I love to tend to and communicate with.

I believe the human body and spirit has the capacity to evolve into ever needed states of vitality and that being supported by both another human as well as remedies that stem from our environment are a deeply valuable system of support that are worth exploring.

It’s common to hear people speak of profound insight they have experienced, with an enlivened sense of positive change they wish to embody.  Without considered work and intentional focus on integrating these experiences into ourselves – these threads of inspired change can often fall away and we return to an old state of being.  I believe these modalities I offer can support the integration of life lessons into a new state of being within you.  This is one of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves in our personal evolution.

naturelab42˚ modalities offer an exquisite way to continue or begin your re-connection back to nature which I believe is inherent to our deeper wellbeing.

I encourage any potential clients to call if you’d like to chat about your circumstances and see whether we will be a good fit on your journey through your wellness evolution.


Photos on this page courtesy of Melanie Kate Photography


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