Amazing locally sourced, deliciously cooked plentiful food. Passionate, focused, supportive facilitators – each brought their wisdom, strength, warmth and passion to support the group.  It was well organised; I feel very nurtured and deeply nourished on many levels from this trip. It has filled my cup and lightened my soul. I feel replenished and have a deepened sense of purpose in my life.

~ Marie; Bay of Fires 5 Day Nature Immersion 2018


Kahuna massage has been such a transformative experience for me, allowing space in my full life to connect back with my true self and process things on a different level. Amalia is intuitive, responsive, gentle natured and passionate about her clients. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!

~ Cara Jane; Ka Huna Bodywork. 2017


I was diagnosed with PTSD early last year. I spent 5 weeks in a psychiatric ward in Melbourne from Aug-Sept 2016. While there, my treating team told me I would benefit from therapeutic massage based on a sensory profile I completed. I cannot recommend Amalia’s kahuna massage highly enough. Her treatment works for me on several levels. Firstly, she is very interested in my mental condition. She is experimenting with oils (she mixes her own) to get what she believes will be the right blend for my symptoms. Before she begins a session, Amalia asks how I’ve been coping since I was last there. Like me, she loves the Tasmanian rainforest. She burns a little bit of bark at the start of each session. What does that do? It takes me straight to the rainforest! Amalia also puts a lot of energy into her craft, including gentle stretching of my limbs, which I need. And she makes sure I breathe properly, to get the most out of the treatment. I would recommend Amalia to anyone, but if you have a mental illness, even more so. There is more to Naturelab than a standard massage. It’s therapy.

~ Dean; Ka Huna and Flower Essence Therapy. 2018


Sophie, Amalia and Claire, aka the ‘Three Mamas’, generated and held such an exquisite space and provided us all with the opportunity to connect with others, the land and re-connect with the deep inspiration of the spiritual self.   The eco-lodge accommodation was divine. The food was 80% Tassie produce and Amalia’s passion and thoughtfulness in sourcing and preparing provided us with a deep sense of nourishment and care. The landscape was spectacular and the weather was apt. The perfect mix of wild crazy weather and sunshine in a landscape seeking to be re-known and tended with care. The program schedule was exactly what I needed – a blend of eco-arts and creativity, nature walks & rewilding activities, and opportunities for personal sharing and connecting.  I loved the string making and eco dyeing. The yoga opened me up in the morning and the silent walks gave my inner child a chance to re-connect with its own wonder and joy. Thank you so so much. In gratitude.

Sarah; Bay of Fires 5 Day Nature Immersion 2018


Wonderful lady, what a difference you have made. I’m feeling great in a good place.  Thank you for your care.

~ Vicki; Naturopathy 2018


I just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous massage…You have magic hands. I left feeling very relaxed and energised – did not think that was possible!!!! I can honestly say that was the best massage I have ever had. You are a very kind and gentle person and amazingly strong. I wish you every success in your new venture. We will be back in Tasmania at some point and I will make sure a book another appointment with you – this time not at the last minute!!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is visiting.

~ Carol; Massage with Indigenous Australian botanicals and philosophy 2017


Excellent massage, a full sensory experience, I feel replenished. Thank you Amalia.

~ Chris; Ka Huna Bodywork 2018


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