blog # 1 making herbal medicine…a holistic approach

It’s a common pondering these days,

‘what is it I’m consuming?’ Food, pharmaceuticals and medicine have fast become numbers and codes that one must have a book to understand.

As part of a solution to this curious state of affairs, I have embarked upon one of the greatest joys a Herbalist can encounter…making my own medicines.

Clean and clear space, unpack locally grown herbs from hard working, plant loving Tasmanian farmers, decant ethanol, breathe in the richness of raw plant material, calculate ratio’s, weigh matter, pour, breathe, measure, cap, label, pour, breathe, measure, cap, label.

Tend lovingly through the percolation process, see the ethanol turn a myriad of colours from the differing herbs in each glass bottle.  Green, mustard, gold, brown, black.  Potency.  Aroma.  I know what is in this medicine as I have traced it’s path from soil to bottle.  This gives me confidence.  The numbers on this label are ratio’s, the codes on this label are raw materials.

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Drink, consume, know what it is to feel safe in what you are putting in your body.  Medicine hits taste buds and immediately plant matter and human biosphere connect and the process has begun…

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